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The Menu

In Taverna Androulidakis you will taste the real Cretan cuisine, renowned both in Greece and internationally for its unique ingredients and flavors. All dishes are prepared in our kitchen, with the freshest seasonal products, carefully chosen by our family.

Start your dinner with dakos, the Cretan version of bruschetta. The popular appetizer made of barley rusks, soaked in olive oil to soften them, topped with grated fresh tomato, local cheese, Cretan virgin olive, salt & oregano from the nearby hills. Continue with apakia, pork stripes marinated in vinegar for several days and smoked in a fire made with local herbs and the traditional pies with cheese or local herbs. Try our homemade tzatziki, fried eggplants & zucchini balls, and the delicious stuffed vine leaves. Don’t miss the specialty of the day, the famous Greek moussaka made by grandma Chryssoula and a wide selection of fresh meat, perfectly grilled by Nikos Androulidakis. Accompany all these delicious dishes with a bottle of high quality wine, produced in our family vineyards.

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